Individual Training

“Be strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak and slack, for your work shall be rewarded.” 2 Chronicles 15:7


Individual training sessions are geared specifically for the client. We work together to target both the strengths and weakness of each player and ensure that when sessions are over, the player leave self assured that they have improved.

Experience and Knowledge
Our coaches build each training session in order to produce results. With experience playing at the college and professional level, we are able to conduct drills that work to improve touch, passing, shooting, dribbling or quickness, if that happens to be your problematic area.

Know Your Weakness
Being able to identify your weaknesses is a sure sign of football maturity. In addition, by being able to do this, more time can be spent tackling the problem as opposed to uncovering the problem during the individual training sessions.

Desire to Improve
Every athlete has a personal goal, an ambition that drives you everyday to continue to work and improve. Whether or not you are able to achieve these goals and ambitions is determined by how hard you are willing to work. In our 1v1 soccer training sessions, your desire to improve plus your work ethic, is what will ultimately help you reach your goal.

Developing a Habit
Once you have trained to improve with our coaches, the next step is to solidify and make permanent this change. Frequently practicing drills and tips learned from our coaches will ensure that all temporary improvements become automatic and habitual; getting to the point where every touch or pass is clean and precise.

Don’t just have a good game once in a while, MAKE BEING THE BEST PLAYER ON THE FIELD A HABIT! A habit that is extremely hard to break.



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