Kodjo Gnatiko


​​​​​​Kodjo Gnatiko

  • USSF National “D” License
  • Northwest High School JV Soccer Coach


Kodjo was originally born in Togo but grew up in the DMV Metropolitan Area. He played for Montgomery Blair High School then later went on to play 4 years of Collegiate Varsity Soccer at Frostburg State University. As a freshmen, he earned the Most Valuable Player Award.

After Graduating from College, Kodjo was invited to the Infosport Professional Combine in Florida. He was later recruited to play with Real Maryland in the USL division. Kodjo has always been known for his skill; athleticism, quickness, a powerful left-footed shot, and his love for taking on defenders in 1v1 situations. Kodjo has gained a lot of knowledge after many years of playing experience and is excited and eager to teach and help young players develop their skills and put themselves in a better position to compete and succeed at the highest level.

Coaches Corner:

After many years of playing soccer, the single most important advice Coach Kodjo has for players with ambitions to play at a high level is to develop an immense hunger and dedication for the game. It is essential to spend as much time as possible developing technical skill and ability in order to obtain maximum results. He strongly believes that from an early age, players should work on their juggling, dribbling, and passing outside of team practices. Additionally, constantly watching the game is the best way to learn the intangibles of the game, such as decision-making and movement. When personal training is added to this equation, the product is an exceptional player who thoroughly enjoys the game.

Soccer is a sport in which size does not matter. Technical ability is what makes all the difference and for that reason, Coach Kodjo has a real passion for personal/individual training. It provides a setting to teach players without the pressures and distractions of the team. His goal during these sessions is to make sure the player is able to pass, dribble and shoot with proper technique. Once this is achieved, he then incorporates advance dribbling moves and feints in which he is an expert. Coach Kodjo demonstrates the move and through purposeful repetition and guidance, the player quickly learns. After learning these essential moves, the speed of execution becomes the focus.

A player will only have the confidence to try a learned skill in game if he or she can execute the skill at a very fast speed. This is the reason why Kodjo incorporates intense speed and agility with the ball in all his training sessions.

Coach Kodjo thoroughly enjoys this program not only because it gives him a chance to help a players improve, but also because it aids in building character and the understanding that through hard work, commitment and desire you can achieve all of your goals in life, not just in soccer.





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