Organizational Structure


  • World Class Premier is organized and managed by Staff Coaches. The staff and owners meet periodically to review the program and make adjustments to improve the developmental experience for all players and parents. All decisions relating to program structure, team activities, team expenditures and etc. will be made by WCP Owners after consulting with the WCP Staff and the board members.
  • Each team will have a designated certified coach however, all teams and players will have the opportunity to work with different WCP coaches at training sessions throughout the season so they are exposed to different coaching styles. Coaches will be reviewed at the conclusion of each season and the WCP staff reserve the right to change coaches of any team in order to satisfy the needs of the program.
  • Each team will be supported by a team manager. The team manager will be a volunteer parent who possesses the required amount of time necessary to maintain effective communication with all team parents and the coach. The team manager will not be involved in making any coaching decisions. 



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