"As a D-1 college soccer player for one of the top teams in the nation I trained with them in the summer to prepare for the season and always came in ready. Have helped me improve as a player each and every year.”

“I’ve been taking my 11 year old son to World Class Futbol for individual training during the past 5 months. My son has worked mostly with Kokou, but also with Daniel and Kodjo as well. These fine young coaches are exceptional! They not only provide excellent soccer training for my son, but they are so friendly and enthusiastic too! My son gets a very good training session and professional insight to the game of soccer for a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend World Class Futbol to any player who wants to improve their skill level and knowledge of the game!”


“My son started training with the coaches at World Class Futbol last year and we couldn’t be happier with his improvement in both skills and knowledge of the game. The coaches from WCF have the perfect combination of professionalism and ability to train, encourage, and inspire up and coming soccer players. After spending time with the coaches, my 12 year old son increased his interest in practicing, in playing the game, and his skills on the field have noticeably improved. The coaches have a system that works, is FUN and keeps the kids interested week to week. My son looks forward to every practice and game!”


“My daughter has been training with World Class Futbol since they started, it has been the best experience for her and she has improved her game of soccer because of them. The trainers are the BEST!!! Their knowledge of the game is incredible, and as a parent I couldn’t be happier with World Class Futbol.”


“As a coach and team manager I can personally say Worldclass Futbol (WCF) is nothing short of top-notch!! My oldest son has been training with WCF for a couple years. This was the best athletic decision we’ve ever made for our son and ultimately for his team when I asked them to take over as coach. All of the WCF coaches are stellar in their own right, with impressive soccer credentials to back up their skills. To say they live, eat and breathe soccer is putting it lightly. Their coaching and motivational skills with the kids is impressive and heart warming. My son’s team won their division championship after only one season with WCF. I have watched my son’s soccer game raise to levels I never expected all thanks to WCF. My son never complains about going to practice or games. As a parent it’s nice to observe the bond my son has developed with all the coaches at WCF. They are approachable, responsible and concerned for their players both on and off the field. They aren’t just making amazing soccer players; they are teaching our kids the value of good choices on and off the field. I don’t give out my recommendations often but it is without hesitation or pause that I recommend WCF!”


“They are awesome! I watch them train their clients all the time. The coaches are really enthusiastic and the kids look engaged and really seem to be enjoying themselves. I recommend all my babysitting clients to them.”





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